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"I provide tailored online guitar lessons via Skype designed to get you playing the music you love quickly.

I am a graduate of the Academy of Contemporary Music and a professional musician"


"Through my AXEGRINDERUK YouTube channel, I provide in-depth, independent reviews of the latest guitars and music gear to a large following of guitar enthusiasts to help spread the word about new and exciting products"

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Latest News
Vixen Germanium Booster Pedal - The New Foxy Lady Of Tone!

The Sitek GE Pedals - Vixen Germanium Booster.

This a killer booster pedal that can do anything from old school treble right round to full range boost and anywhere in between.

It's made with NOS Germanium transistors and has to added clipping modes for extra tonal tweakabillity to keep all you gearheads and G.A.S sufferers happy.

Fender Mirror Image Delay Demo - Three Delays In One 

This delay pedal has three different types of delay option Digital, Analog or Tape and you also get two variations of each type, plus you can add a dotted 1/8 note to your 1/4 delay at a flick of a switch!

Big Ear Pedals | Loaf Fuzz | Silicon Fuzz Pedal With Added Mojo!

The Loaf Fuzz pedal from Big Ear Pedals formally known as Big Ear N.Y.C.

It's a silicon fuzz That can go anywhere from bluesy crunch to full on in your face Fuzz meltdown.

Contact Lee

I Offer Guitar Lessons online via Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

Learn guitar from the safety and comfort of your own home!


As well as being a guitar tutor, I am available for product demonstrations, session work & gigs. Contact via or

call 07824 533 130

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