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The Atomic Amplifire Pedal Review

February 10, 2016

The full review of the awesome  Atomic Amplifire Pedal is finally here. 


This is an amp modelling multi effects pedal with state of the art processing power and amp tones.


The Amplifire is collabration between Atomic and Studio Devil, which has led to some very impressive results.  

Amazing Christmas Present

Yes that's right, I was lucky enough for Santa to bring me this awesome Fender Telecaster for christmas.


It really is a killer guitar, and I am looking forward to using it in up coming gear demos and doing a short review of the instrument  it self.

EMG 57/66 Pickup Set - Review Coming Soon

I will be reviewing the latest pickups from EMG the 57/66 set soon, Stay tuned as I am expecting great things!


December 11, 2015

Check out my latest Youtube video LICKS AND RIFFAGE, A compilation of my own Rock and Metal licks n' Riffs!!! \m/ 

The Mesa Boogie Cab Clone Review

December 06, 2015

This time we check out the Mesa/Boogie Cab Clone,

A passive guitar cabinet simulator, load box and direct recording interface.

Guitar Warm Up Series - Chord warm ups part four

November 20, 2015

This is part four in our guitar warm ups series,

And it's another chord based exercise to get the left hand nicely warmed up.

Guitar Warm Up Series - Chord warm ups part three

November 13, 2015

This is part three in our guitar warm ups series, to get the left hand nicely warmed up.

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